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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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♪ ♪ hello and welcome to al jazerra. we are live from doha, i armor teen dennis. also to come on the program the nigerian government says it's taken which i box from boko haram. vladimir pete unleaves. protest sites in hong kong could soon be cleared.
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♪ ♪ the islamic state of iraq and the levants, isil, has released a new video showing of killing of at least 13 syrian men in raqqa province. the victims had been kidnapped earlier this month. they were accused of collaborating with the syrian regime. this follows the lease of another video posted online that appears to show the beheading of another group of isil hostages including at least 12 syrian soldiers and the american aid worker pete i go kassig. 26-year-old kassig was captured last year while in syria on a mission to help refugees. imran kahn sent us the latest from baghdad. >> reporter: the video was released on sunday morning from the same types of social media platform that his have released videos like this before. the same account have been verified and authenticated. intelligence agencies will be
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looking at this video to see if it is authentic. the americans have already reacted saying that they are looking in to the authenticity of the video. peter kassig's family have also said they are looking in to the a 10 these at this of the video. they hope people will remember him for being a humanitarian aid worker who died for his beliefs and they have asked to be left alone at this moment in time. the video is very grew some. and brought. showing 13 behead goes in total. 12 syrian sole years and peter kassig himself. isil say he was beheaded because he was an a rookie war veteran who came to iraq during the war to kill muslims. he himself had convert today islam during his captivity. now, this is again as i say a very brutal video, but it's the type of propaganda that isil want out there and want people to see this video and what they are capable of doing. the message they are sending to the americans is that you can't
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bomb us without impunity. that you will be affected. there are other western hostages that they hold but it's not just westerners. this isn't just about western hostages. isil have killed 17 iraqis. 20 syrian journalists 80 people have been kidnapped journalists in iraq and syria. the whereabouts we just don't know. isil say they are holding a number off iraqi journalists, as well assayed workers as well as beheading soldiers from iraq and syria. this is a tactic at that they do use, the west concentrate on the names that they understand, on the westerners but it cuts across both iraq and syria. well, the white house responded quickly with a statement saying we are aware of a video claims to showed murder of the u.s. citizen party kassig by isil. the intelligence community is working as quickly as possible to determine its authenticity. if confirmed we are appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent
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american aid worker and we press our deepest condolence to his his family and friends. now, to somalia where a senior airport official has been targeted by a car bomb explosion. one person killed and several others injured by the blast on a busy road in the capital mogadishu. it's not yet known if the official is among the casualties. no one has so far claimed responsibility. nigeria's military has retaken the northern town of chibok from boko haram. the same town where nearly 300 school girls were kidnapped several months ago. let's talk live to our journalist there. can we confirm that boko haram has withdrawn in chibok box and the security forces are in control.
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>> reporter: yeah, security forces are in control in the town. i have spoken to residents and officials that still remain in the town that security forces and local vigilantes are patrolling the town. what is not certain now is whether or not boko haram fighters are far away from chibok because in surrounding areas they are known to have captured villages and still operating from the area. chibok is closed. while boko haram is suspected to have its headquarters. >> and this, of course, all happening ahead a time when good goodluck jonathan has just launched his campaign for election in february. has he nodded in the direction of this great security fiasco that the country is undergoing at the moment? >> reporter: well, the ahead minute station has been dealing with boko haram for a very long time. probably throughout the tenure of this administration. but the last one year has been
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so difficult for the administration. remember the chibok girls that were abducted and even before then they were abducted in the northern eastern state of borneo state. and there were killings and so far this years nigerian government has lost a lot of territory to the insurgents in the northeast as the government calls them here. and then this is what is not certain is how this will affect political campaigning, because jonathan and others like him who are standing for elections in february next year are expected to visit all states of the country to campaign for votes to sell to nigerians their candidacy and tell people why they should be electronicsed. and people are waiting to see whether or not jonathan and his rivals will travel to the northeast especially those states and the other states of insurgent where bombs and guns go off almost every. >> a and ahmed, it's pretty much well established, isn't it, that
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the girls are being held in the forest close to chibok where boko haram are ram has its strong hold, headquarters. what has been done to get in there i know it's defense forest but what attempts have been there to secure these girls, get these girls out? >> reporter: well, this has been going on for more than seven months now. the nigerian authorities, the military say they know exactly where the girls are and it's taking them more than four months now to launch any serious effort nothing to some of the forests apart from air raids and occasional attacks by the security forces and vigilantes. so far nothing has happened. and by the way, earlier some weeks ago or less than two weeks ago the leader of boko haram issued a statement saying -- a video saying the girls have been married off and none of them remain in the forest. this is very traumatic for the parents of course. by the nigerian government says
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it's doing everything possible to see the girls rescued. reason why they didn't want to go in was to stop bloodshed. so as not to kill innocent people in the process of rescuing these girls. >> ahmed idris in a pwaoupblg, a thank you. to burkina faso now where political leaders are intense consultations trying to pick civilian interim leader ahead of an african union deadline. army seized power last month after the departure of the long time leader there. our correspondent has more from the capital. >> reporter: it's an old building built in 1963 and people wanting the signing ceremony higher because it's an historic moment it will show the army handing over four a civilian government. four names are being thrown around at the moment as to who can take over as the interim president for one year. civil society groupings, opposition and the army want archbishop. a catholic archbishop. he says he's not keen on leaving the church. if he says no, other names on
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the list, two courag journal as. opposition journalist. they were critical against the placformer regime. the army wants someone else. a minister in the government, between 1984 and 1987. she fled the country. the army told people in burkina faso they should expect the name latest monday. the russian president vladimir putin has made an early exit from the g20 summit. he brushed off suggestions that he felt under pressure by western leaders. president obama had warned russia of further isolation because of the conflict in ukraine. but leaders were slightly more in harmony about boosting the global economy my as scott reports from brisbane. >> reporter: at the end of the two days an ambitious plan was announced. one, they would boost the global economy my by $2 trillion. this would happen, the plan says, by increasing trade and
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investing in infrastructure oater next five years. >> this year the g20 has delivered real, practical outcomes and because of the efforts that the g20 has made, this year culminating in the last 48 hours, people right around the world are going to be better off. and that's what it's all about. >> reporter: the prime minister had said climate change would not be discussed at g20 but it made its way in to the plan. prime minister ab cut talk to his promise that the official communique would only be three pages long. but some feel what's in the document will be very difficult to implement. >> not a particularly actionable document. if you have to stuff everything in to an arbitrary three pages, you inevitably say everything in general al agenerality. >> reporter: but with the leaders of the most powerful countries under one roof. russia's government in ukraine
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was condemned. >> is a consequence we will continue to maintain the economic isolation while maintaining the possibility of a diplomatic solution. it is not our presence to see russia isolated the way it is. >> reporter: but the much-talked about confrontation between prime minister abbott and president vladimir putin never happened. >> translator: the ukrainian situation, in my view, has a good chance i've resolution no matter how strange it may sound. the sanctions hurt both who they are impose odd and those who impose them. >> reporter: late in the day the leaders departed for their countries, each with their unique challenges and each with the task of selling the new g20 ideas for their domestic audience. scott heidler, al jazerra, brisbane. the ukrainian president petro pour shank ho has cut government funding to rebel-held areas in the east. state companies and organizations will close within a week whilst baking services have also been effected.
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and as the report says from donetsk, locals are worried their already difficult lives are about to get much worse. >> reporter: in downtown donetsk they gather a at the one cash point in the area that's been reliable in recent days, but a day after the you rain vinnie president's decree that among other things promise to the end of banking services in the breakaway east there is no money to be had. >> translator: the banks are empty on sunday. it doesn't give out money so there is none. >> reporter: she works for the state-run water company. she hasn't been paid for three months. and isn't sure what to expect now that the buck stoppings officially with the self declared government of donetsk. >> translator: i hope they'll helpful i would like them to. they are our authority. and this is our city. i think so, they have to. they promised. but really, i don't know. >> reporter: at a suburban supermarket part of a chain based in western ukraine, bank workers took way the credit card terminals on thursday. for now, business goes on, but the bosses here don't know what to expect in the coming days.
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by businesses across eastern ukraine, the management here have two key concerns whether they are going to continue to get access to goods from the west of the country, and whether their customers were find it ever more difficult to get access to cash to pay for them. one question now, the extension to which russia will step n more russian aid has been arriving through sunday. much of this convoy made up of parts and material to his repair the electricity infrastructure as winter sets in. >> translator: we hope russia won't forget us. they are our brothers. humanitarian aid is critical. we don't only need equipment but also medical supplies and food. the situation remains unchanged. the country is at war and the economy is basically destroyed. >> reporter: poroshenko has also renewed his appeal for russian though take more territory. moscow has been sending troops as well assayed across the board never cent days, the theory is that two months of shaky ceasefire could soon be replaced by a return to open, widespread
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conflict. harry faucet, al jazerra, donetsk. we have a lot more to come lear at al jazerra. including armed rebels on the streets of i is that, so how to order yemenis feel. >> reporter: i am ahead think rainy in a wheat field in central mexico, coming up with he meet scientists trying to develop new varieties of this important crop to try to feed an increasingly-populated planet.
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jazerra. isil has lease ahea has releaseo showing the killing of at least 13 men following another video beheading another group of hostages including the american aid worker peter cass i can. chibok has been retaken by the nigerian military a where nearly 300 school girls were captured seven months ago. yep inning has been tense since houthi files captured the capital sanaa in september. al jazerra now looks at how people are coping after months of unrest. >> reporter: shia huging fighters man checkpoints in sanaa. the army and the police are nowhere to be found here. except for a few traffic policemen keeping order on busy streets. when the houthis captured sanaa
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in september. they set up to tasked for the city. for people the so-called popular committees are crucial to defeat al qaeda and restore calm. >> translator: security and justice are the responsibilities of the state. but when you have a weak government then people have the right to protect themselves. there is nothing wrong with having popular committees defending the population. we want the government to coordinate with them. >> reporter: but many yemenis are concerned about the presence of armed men in sanaa. this sanaa university was the focal point of the 2011 up rising. the protest protest here is agae presence of houthi fighters on campus. many others have joined the cause and the presence of armed militias in yemen. >> translator: when you see
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militias on the street, this is a civic society. no one is safe in yemen, it's really sad. the government has to. [ inaudible ] the safety. >> reporter: houthis now control more territory. in some areas south of the capital, they are engaged in fierce fighting against al qaeda. tight security here in sanaa is a precaution against revenge attacks. houthis say the presence of their fighters in sanaa depends on the security situation. and once the government orders the army and the police to take over security of the capital, checkpoints will disappear. and their fighters will pull out. al jazerra, sanaa. thousands more of north african migrants have been greats to europe by boat over the weekend think many of them were rescued, including more than 200 who were packed onto a small wooden vessel off the
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coast of libya. they were picked up by a portuguese ship and taken to the italian island of sicily. this is the first record of part of a new our queen mission called titan, 19 countries are helping after italy asked for hem. among those rescued are orphan children. but where to house them is always the question. some italian families are willing to giver them help. but they are being stopped by bureaucracy. >> reporter: a kick about between game bee, a senegal, ghana, that jeer gentleman ya and egypt. all these youngsters made the crossing from africa without parents are relatives are all are hoping to be fostered by italian families. his family were killed in ethnic fighting in ghana. he led ned to libya but was rounded up and forced to get on a boat. he didn't know where it was going or if he would survive. how many people on the boat? >> 120 people.
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crammed in. >> reporter: so you didn't -- you didn't ask to get on the boat. >> we didn't know anything. we didn't know where we were going. we started going until morning i saw myself in the middle of the sea. i said god, this is how i am going to end my life. i think i am going to die. >> reporter: he is from senegal and came over on a boat carrying 740 passengers. and he says over 100 were killed on board by the traffickers. he was beaten and put in hospital after being rescued. both his parents are dead and he's desperate for find a family to live with. >> i told him them i want a family. i can only live with a family. if i am happy i want family. when i see people with their family they are smiling i feel sad. i really feel sad because i mis my phone family. >> over 1300 unaccompanied minors have a here.
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over 3,000 have disappeared. it's feared many have been forced in to prostitution or slave labor. this center has been home for 100 aged between 15 and 18. but promised funding from the interior ministry has failed to arrive and it's being forced to close next tuesday. >> for 11 months we have provide today these youngsters without getting a single euro, we cannot do this anymore. we have provide today them to give them back the dignity that no one else has given them. >> reporter: thousands of people are still trying to cross the mediterranean to get here to europe just this week. vessel has just saved 200 air tray ens, so map yells and libyans. many families are saying they want to take care of some of the most vulnerable, the unaccompanied children, but italian bureaucracy is stopping that from happening to all but just a few. >> these kids are like us, they need to be fostered.
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>> reporter: for many of the young officers this house is the first time they have felt safe since fleeing their own country. now they just want to start a formal life with a family to call their own. al jazerra. new surveillance video has been released of a controversial shooting of the midwest of the usa and could influence whether a grants jury decides to prosecute a policeman for shooting an unarmed teenager in the town of ferguson, natasha has more. for the first time we are getting a look at officer darren wilson shortly after he killed 18-year-old michael brown. until police surveillance video obtained by the st. louis post dispatch shows wilson, seen here wearing a white t-shirt, as he leaves for the hospital. the ferguson police chief has said wilson was in a fight for his life when he shot and killed brown who was unarmed. the officer is seen here returning from the hospital.
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wilson alleges that brown charged him and tried to grab his gun, leaving wilson's face severely bruised and his orbital eye socket damaged. the video appears to show no visible signs of injuries. but there are no close-up shots of wilson's face, attorneys for the brown family say this surveillance video proves in addition reports of wilson's injuries ex-an indicate exagger. it begins here inside this store where brown is seen shoving a clerk and stealing small cigars. >> it's a black male in a white t-shirt running, he took a whole box of swisher cigars. >> reporter: it took about a minute for wilson to encounter brown and shoot him. you can hear crying in the background as an officer calls for backup afterward. >> get us several more units over here, there is going to be a problem.
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>> reporter: just how big of a problem few could have predict predicted. brown's death led to months of sometimes violent protests and left a community divided. now as ferguson, missouri awaits a grants jury's decision on whether officer wilson will be charged with a crime, the town is bracing for the possibility of more anger and violence. that tash ghoneim, al jazerra. the world food program says one in every name people on the planet don't have enough to eat. and that's more than 800 million people. hunger kills more people every year than aids mark layer i can't and at that berk lows inning combines. we have been to the mexican city and adam raney has been meeting one man going to extraordinary lengths to feed the masses. >> reporter: he grew enough poverty on a small farm growing corn, rice, and wheat. the crop which he ended up
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devoting his working lyle. he eventually developed more than 480 varieties of wheat have that have boosted world production of this staple crop by an estimated 200 million-tons and helped him win the world food prize. the challenge now, he says, is to keep an increasing population fed on a planet with a rapidly-changing climate. to do that, he said it's vital the world's small-scale farmers are given the access that they need. >> they don't need big tractors, they don't need harvest, combine harvest, they can do that. but they need good seed, that one seed, good genetically advanced seeds. >> reporter: once a new seed is discovered some of his colleagues go out and meet small farmers and train them to exploit the new varieties as best they can. you can have the best seed and the best plants you want if you don't have a former who knows how to put it in to a working sustainable system, yo you will never get the potential out of
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that. he conducted much of his research here at mexico's international center for wheat and maze improvement. scientists following in his footsteps work on developing new varieties and testing ones already in the field. one of the biggest breakthroughs has been the development of shorter and stronger wheat that doesn't fall down so easily and is therefore more productive. now the challenge is greater, to produce le wheat ca that can withstand extreme weather brought on by climate change. a challenge he says they are ready to take on. 50 days since protesters first occupied main roads in hong kong, student leaders have so far failed to forms the chinese government to allow free electionsing for hong kong's next leader, but as this report shoerbgsdz protestershows, protd to keep up their fight. >> reporter: even in their sleep they are making a statement. they have given up their homes and taken up residents in what
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used to be some of hong kong's busiest roads. living the streets has become a way of life for these protesters who are demands being the right to freely choose their next leader. this university student has suspended in studies in the united states to help guard the barricades. >> until the government will answer our questions, answer our needs and give us the right to nominate our chief executive and they will accept our need for democracy. >> reporter: the protesters want beijing to revoke its decision to vet the candidates for the 2017 election to his choose its chief executive. the hong kong government and the lead nurse china have made it clear that won't happen. >> hopefully beijing will at a later time give us some positive response. for the time being, there is no fixed plan for exit as yet.
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>> reporter: the government and the protesters are at an impasse, so now it's been left to the puck throwing take the initiative to clear some of the protest sites. prince, the managers of this building have obtain aids court order and they can and police to remove any object stick identicals from the surrounding areas -- obstacles be it pair indicates or protesters if they resist they can be arrested. also the other main protest site, police may be called to take action soon. tax and i bus drivers about have been granted an injunction. they say the blockade is affecting their business. sam gave up his job as an english teacher and now lives on hand outs and gives free lessons to his fellow occupyers. >> if they use guns, violence, we will leave, but we will come back. >> reporter: sending a clear message that just removing barricades will not silence the protesters' demands for democracy. al jazerra, hong kong.
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